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Between the creative projects

Between projects, I have to fulfill myself by watching a lot of theatre instead of producing it. Thankfully there have been a lot of great productions within which to immerse myself. From the recent Mari Vatne Kjeldstadli production of The Lady from the Sea at the Coronet by the immensely talented Norwegian Ibsen Company and the current Ian Rickson production of Duncan Macmillan‘s startling new adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s gripping Rosmersholm, I have been spoiled for choice.

Whilst I don't just watch Ibsen productions, as much as I love them, it is so pleasing to see his works being applied and developed with contemporary resonance. This is especially true for the thrilling Rosmersholm which is West End-based until July. The final scene will surely take your breath away.

I am also lucky enough to be attending Pe(t)er Gynt which graces our National Theatre later this year.

Amongst all these top notch, big budget productions, is there space for some more early Ibsen? A possible ottisdotter project in development here is a further adaptation of our original production of Lady Inger from 2013. A national leader trapped between a rock and a hard place. Could a more apposite reflection of current affairs be found?

I'm not sure whether because it was our first project or because of its epic nature, I keep coming back to thinking about it all the time. Perhaps with some judicious editing, a production could be mounted later this year.

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