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ottisdotter is a collaboration with a specific interest in lesser known and obscure plays with dimensions that emphasise the oppression and subversion of women in society. ottisdotter have produced six works:

  • Henrik Ibsen's Lady Inger (2013) (c/o Jump Cut).

  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's Emilia Galotti (2014, 2016)

  • Henrik Ibsen's Feast at Solhaug (2015)

  • Henrik Ibsen's Olaf (2018)

  • Henrik Ibsen's Lady Inger (2023)

Ottisdotter can be contacted at


Why 'ottisdotter'?

Our name is derived from Lady Inger of Austratt, the protagonist of Henrik Ibsen's early play 'Lady Inger', the project which launched the collaboration.

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