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10 years of ottisdotter!

Well it is somehow 2023 and we have entered ottisdotter's decennial year. We are celebrating by mounting a production that gave us our name; Henrik Ibsen's Lady Inger. We have been invited to stage the production for two-weeks from 27 Jun to 8 July at the Space Theatre, London, home of our second production of Emilia Galotti.

We are thrilled to be working with the Space Theatre again and look forward to staging this incredible Ibsen play once more. For the first time ever, we are also proud to announce that there will be a live-streamed performance from our 6 July performance to bring the whole world to our Austratt Castle for one night only.

ottisdotter’s adaptation of the text streamlines this play written when Henrik Ibsen was only 27 years old and charts, even more intensely, the dramatic decisions that Lady Inger must take to save herself, her people and Norway. A widow living in an isolated castle off the coast of Trondheim is the last remaining vestige of Norway’s national identity. With the weight of expectation on her and chauvinist attitudes of those in support of her, she must calculate what gambles she is willing to take for her family and her nation.

Ibsen’s Lady Inger is an excellent exposition of female leadership, and women in power. The central character provides early formations of Ibsen’s later Hedda Gabler, Nora Helmer and Rebecca West.

Will Lady Inger overcome the odds and defeat the men set dead against her?


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