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2023 Onwards and Upwards

We are gearing up for our sixth production in ten years to celebrate our ten year anniversary of ottisdotter this Summer. We are back in the wonderful The Space Theatre, home to our Emilia Galotti 2016, and are raring to go. Rehearsals start after Easter and we are ploughing away at laying the groundwork for a successful run.

We are lucky to have found an absolutely amazing cast, including two ottisdotter alumni, Ivan Comisso and Joe Lewis. We are also thrilled to have secured Kristin Duffy, Thomas Everatt, Juliet Ibberson and Sion Grace to be a part of this historic production.

Whilst its probably more useful to not have expectations, as Producer-slash-Director, I am determined to ensure that this production is the biggest grossing, largest attended and most well-reviewed yet! Not much to expect, eh? Thankfully with the cast we have in place, it will be no problems on the creative side to market and direct such a fantastic ensemble.

In terms of this adaptation of Lady Inger, what I have tried to do is streamline the version we undertook in 2013 and edit the text, carefully and meticulously, to capture the essence of the story whilst keeping the play moving. Not one to normally criticise Ibsen, it was somewhat ambitious of us in 2013 to have a 3-hour play with very little cut back. Whilst this is by no means an abridgement and certainly not cutting swathes of text, I have endeavored to keep the play plot-heavy, meaningful and crisp. We are anticipating a much more travel-friendly 2h20 run time, which will keep audiences engaged and not short-changed! We have reduced the need for characters with one or two lines which will keep the play focused and clear. Whilst history and drama were meeting on stage in this production, it becomes less relevant for a modern audience to have characters such as Einar Huk, Jens Bielke and Finn whose roles are historically important but not necessarily dramatically so.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to London again this year. If you can't get to this production, we have, for the first time, a global livestream available. Wherever you are in the world, you won't miss out on this incredibly rare, brutal tragic drama.




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